Enjoy Easy Maintenance with Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone is one of the most low-maintenance countertop choices in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Parker. The countertop material will not stain, and any etching or scratches can be easily removed with light sandpaper. Soapstone countertops are available in a soft gray or slate color that only deepens and richens over time. These countertops require very little maintenance, and they can last for a lifetime. Here is a better look at the benefits and easy maintenance that comes with soapstone countertops:

Many countertop materials require regular sealing or extensive cleaning to avoid staining or scratching. Soapstone is nonporous and does not require any sort of sealant. Soapstone countertops need only be wiped down with water and a mild soap to remove any bacteria. In addition to this simple cleansing, regular applications of mineral oil will keep the countertop looking and feeling great. As the soapstone ages, and mineral oil is applied, the countertop’s gray color will darken and the veining will become more pronounced. This countertop is easily maintained and becomes more attractive over time, which make it the perfect choice for any home.

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