Tips for Fixing Chipped Granite Countertops

Nov 15th, 2020 | Granite Countertops, Granite Damage

Finding a chip in your granite counter can be very upsetting, especially if it’s relatively new. Fortunately, you can repair the surface in many instances if you take the right approach. Read on to learn how to repair a damaged granite countertop and find out how to avoid potential problems in the future.

Why Granite Chips

As one of the most durable materials used for countertops, granite has a well-earned reputation for lasting beauty. That said, although it is incredibly heat- and crack-resistant, it’s not indestructible. Just like virtually every other solid surface, granite will chip when subjected to a severe impact from a heavy pot, especially if it occurs along the edges or around the sink.

Unless the damage is especially severe, you can usually repair a chip with a few basic steps: clean the surface, fill it with an epoxy patch, sand, polish and buff. While it sounds relatively simple, you will need to carefully execute each step, or the patch will stand out from the rest of the surface.

How to Fix a Chip in a Granite Countertop

Step 1

Purchase a granite gel epoxy chip repair kit from your local hardware or home improvement store.

Step 2

Prepare your workspace by clearing away any decorations, dishes or other items that might interfere with the repair process.

Step 3

Thoroughly wash and rinse the counter around the damaged area, using a water-based soap and warm water or, if you can find it, a dedicated granite countertop cleaner.

Step 4

Mark off the area around the chip with masking tape. This will help create a more level and flush finish, while also preventing resin from getting on the surrounding area.

Step 5

Fill the chipped area with the gel epoxy from your granite repair kit. Due to granite’s natural variations, the translucent epoxy should make it nearly impossible to determine that an imperfection existed, as long as you properly level, polish and buff the area after it dries.

granite countertop chip repairStep 6

After placing the epoxy within the chipped area, apply the hardener spray included in your repair kit; be sure to wipe away any excess spray from the adjacent surfaces. Allow the resin to cure for at least a day. Be patient, or you could mar the surface if you try to work with it too soon.

Step 7

Once the hardener has dried, carefully smooth the repaired spot, using a razor blade; make sure the space is level with the rest of the countertop.

Step 8

Buff out the repaired area using steel wool until it appears smooth. You can apply a granite polisher to add shine to the area.

When to Seek Professional Help

While at-home granite repair kits can be helpful, these products are for minor repairs only. Never try to use them for any structural bonding whatsoever. For minor cracks and chips, however, these kits can usually do a good job of repairing the damage so it’s either invisible or barely noticeable.

That said, if you’re not confident or comfortable trying to repair your countertop yourself, consider calling a professional. You should also seek professional assistance if you are dealing with a major crack or any sort of structural damage. Also, if there is a large chunk missing from the edge or your countertop, you will need a professional repair job.

Preventing Damage

To avoid damaging your natural stone countertops, try to avoid slamming down or dropping heavy pots and pans, especially around the edges. You should also use trivets, potholders and other barriers to help prevent heat damage. Although properly sealed granite countertops are highly resistant to stains; wine, oils and fruit juice can penetrate the surface. With this in mind, be sure to wipe up spills as soon as they happen and make sure your countertop is protected by a high-quality sealer.

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