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If you are looking for ways to enhance or update your home’s kitchen, then swapping out your current countertops for ones that are fresh and exciting is an excellent solution. When it comes to colorful countertops, many homeowners turn to quartz, which is a manufactured material made that comes in a broad range of hues. Continue reading for ideas on remodeling your kitchen with bright and bold quartz countertops in Highlands Ranch.

The kitchen countertop with good structure in home at Littleton, CO
Bright Kitchens

If your kitchen already has a significant amount of color, then it’s important to choose quartz countertops that either complement these hues or match them to keep your kitchen looking great. Before you come to a decision about the right color, make an effort to see these countertops in person and to bring along as many samples from home as possible so you can see the hues next to one another. To avoid creating an overwhelming space, think about choosing rich, dark colors like cobalt blue, emerald green, and scarlet red if your kitchen has brightly colored walls or cabinetry. If your kitchen only has small pops of color, such as a red oven or a yellow backsplash, then you may want to select counters in a color that matches or is complementary.

White Kitchens

White is a timeless and popular choice for kitchen designs. This color never goes out of style, can make a room appear fresh and clean, and can give the illusion of more space. If you want a primarily white kitchen that still has color, then opting for quartz countertops could be a smart decision. If your kitchen features white cabinets, appliances, and walls, then you have the ideal palette to which you can add bold colors. For a kitchen that is bright but still has organic charm, consider choosing green quartz counters. Also, primary colors are on trend right now and using blues, reds, or yellows is guaranteed to make a bold statement in your home.