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Soapstone Countertops

Durango residents with an eye toward modern design are often intrigued by countertop options that include soapstone. Soapstone is an excellent choice for a kitchen or bathroom countertop because of its beautiful finish, relative softness, and ability to take on a warm, inviting patina over time.

What Soapstone Countertops Are

Soapstone is a metamorphic rock, squeezed and shaped deep in the earth and mined largely in Canada, Brazil, Finland, and India. Imported into the United States for architectural use, today’s mined soapstone has minimal talc, the mineral that makes it feel “soapy” to the touch. By contrast with a soapstone countertop, Native American soapstone carving may be as much as 80 percent talc, making the stone very easy to carve. Soapstone is nicknamed “the quiet stone” because during installation it can be readily worked to form flawless custom-fitted countertops and tile.

Benefits of a Soapstone Counter

Your Durango home will take on a warm, inviting tone with soapstone in the kitchen or bath. Though it is softer than other countertop materials, that very softness lends a grace to soapstone that many Coloradans find very appealing. It ages gently, taking on a warm, glowing patina.

Natural soapstone countertop colors tend toward warm, light gray with streaks and inclusions of other minerals. Soapstone is not porous; it will not stain. By applying oil you can get what is known as “aged soapstone,” a darker charcoal gray. With repeated applications of oil you can get the soapstone to appear even darker, though the oil does not actually penetrate the stone.

Kitchen Comfort of Soapstone

Though softer than granite and marble, soapstone is impervious to staining. It shrugs off acids such as lemon juice and red wine, needs no sealing, and can be touched up easily should you nick or scratch it. As a countertop rock in the kitchen, soapstone is a delight for food preparation. Many Durango homeowners enjoy their soapstone countertops so much, they also install soapstone backsplashes for sinks and stoves.

Soapstone in the Bathroom

A soapstone rock countertop in the bathroom adds charm and visual appeal, inviting family members and friends to touch and enjoy its warm, “soft” surface. Since soapstone does not stain, it needs no sealing and is unaffected by lotions, perfumes, soaps and shampoos. It is also germ-resistant, since it is not porous. For a free estimate for a soapstone countertop in your Durango home, contact us at Rock Solid Custom Granite today.

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