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A kitchen remodel is a terrific investment for any home. Whether you are planning on installing a new kitchen island, or are simply seeking to update your countertops, you will need to select materials that offer both beauty and durability for your everyday life. While granite has long been the standard for kitchen countertops, more and more homeowners are choosing quartz for their kitchen designs. A company offering quartz countertops in Littleton will be able to help you choose the best countertops for your kitchen. Here is a look at some of the great benefits that quartz countertops have to offer you.

Luxury modular Kitchen cabinet

Unique Color Options

Unlike granite countertops, which are sourced directly from the earth, quartz countertops are manufactured through an engineering process. Since the quartz is ground before it is molded into a countertop shape, manufacturers are able to add unique colors to their designs. If you are seeking a beautiful countertop that will stand out in your kitchen design, you may want to check out the rainbow of quartz countertop options that are available to you.

Fantastic Durability

Along with their unique color options, quartz countertops also offer fantastic durability for your everyday life. During the manufacturing process, quartz countertops are constructed to be incredibly resistant to scratches and breaking. For this reason, many quartz countertop manufacturers offer extended warranties for their products. With a quartz countertop installation, you can rest assured that your counters will be built to withstand daily usage.

Stain Proof Design

If you have had stone countertops in the past, you may be familiar with the staining that can be caused by hot surfaces, oils, and spilled substances. With a new quartz countertop installation, however, your countertops will be completely resistant to stains and corrosion. After you install new quartz countertops, your counters will remain in beautiful, stain free condition for many years to come.