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When it’s time to swap out your granite counters for a fresh, new look, consider the timeless look of quartz countertops by Zodiaq®. Homeowners around the Highlands Ranch area have fallen in love with quartz counters and islands, thanks to their elegant, sophisticated look and practical functionality. A wide range of color palettes and patterns is available to suit every home.

Learn More About Zodiaq Countertops

Zodiaq® counters are meant to last a lifetime. They are made from hard quartz crystals that easily resist everyday nicks and scratches. When your beautiful quartz island and countertops are installed, you can look forward to carefree maintenance. There’s no need to periodically seal, recondition, or polish the surface—all you need is plain soap and water. And since it’s a nonporous surface, the countertop repels stains, and, when cleaned regularly, won’t harbor mold or mildew. Zodiaq® makes their countertop material heat-resistant, and their products are backed by a 10-year, transferable, limited warranty.

Zodiaq Countertops