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Though your granite countertop installers in Parker will strive to deliver a fast installation and transformation, you must time your granite countertop installation with care. Aside from picking out the color and granite slab you wish to work from, the process of creating a countertop template, cutting the slab, and installing your new countertops can take about two weeks. This might be two weeks of small inconveniences as your kitchen or bathroom countertops are torn apart, emptied, and then reinstalled. Let’s look at some ways you may wish to time your granite countertop installation.

  • Ensure you and your home are not scheduled for any engagements, events, or parties. These might include out-of-town family staying with you, holiday parties, and elaborate potlucks. You may not have easy access to working countertops, which would make preparation for these events difficult.
  • Clear your schedule during the various transformation steps. Be present when the installers create templates of your countertops, and ensure you are there on installation day.
  • Consult your granite countertop installers for tips on time and plan for your countertop transformation.

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