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Quartz countertops have gained significant popularity in contemporary kitchen design. This engineered stone product consists mainly of natural quartz crystals mixed with resin and pigments, offering a blend of the beauty of natural stone and the benefits of human engineering. Here are some of the main advantages of installing quartz countertops in your kitchen.

Advantages of Quartz Countertops in Your Kitchen


One of the most remarkable attributes of quartz countertops is their durability. Polished quartz is extremely hard and non-porous, however, it is not scratch proof. You should never cut directly on your quartz countertop. Please use a cutting board at all times.

Easy Maintenance

Quartz countertops require minimal maintenance since they’re non-porous. Most patterns are resistant to staining and polished quartz countertops do not require periodic sealing. A simple wipe down with a mild detergent with water is typically all that’s needed to keep them looking like new. Honed and satin finishes show fingerprints and other marks more easily than polished quartz. Each quartz manufacturer offers their own care guidelines and warranty information.

Design Versatility

The engineering process allows for a wide variety of colors, patterns, and finishes that are not usually available in natural stone. Whether you prefer a matte or glossy finish, or a countertop that mimics the appearance of marble, quartz offers unparalleled design versatility.

Hygienic Surface

Because polished quartz is non-porous, it doesn’t harbor bacteria or viruses, making it a hygienic choice for your kitchen. This property is a significant advantage for spaces where food preparation takes place.

Consistent Appearance

Unlike natural stone that can vary in color and pattern even within the same slab, quartz countertops offer a consistent appearance. This uniformity makes it easier to match other kitchen elements, such as backsplashes and cabinets.


The numerous benefits of quartz countertops, ranging from their durability and low maintenance to design versatility and hygienic properties make them an excellent choice for any kitchen.

Who to Call

If you have any questions about quartz countertops, check with the experts here at Rock Solid Custom Granite. We are your go-to source for top quality stone countertops in the Denver Metro and Four Corners areas, with locations in Littleton and Durango. We take pride in offering exceptional goods and services tailored to your budget and your individual needs. Our end-to-end services include in-house stone fabrication and installation, ensuring a seamless and simplified remodeling experience. From the moment you choose your stone to the final installation, we’re with you every step of the way. You’re even invited to visit our shop to monitor your project’s progress.

To learn more about our company and our products, or to schedule a consultation, contact us via our website or gives us a call. In Littleton (Denver Metro) dial 720-800-4403, and in Durango (Four Corners) dial 970-459-5982.