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Busting Granite Myths

Are you looking for a way to give your kitchen a facelift? Scheduling an appointment to install granite countertops in Littleton is a great option. Natural stone countertops offer a range of benefits for homeowners, but there are also many myths regarding them. If you are considering granite counters for your kitchen or bathroom, continue reading to learn the truth behind some common myths about granite.

The granite countertops by rock solid at Durango, CO.

Myth Granite Requires a Lot of Upkeep

One of the common myths about granite countertops is that they require constant care and upkeep. While granite counters do have certain maintenance requirements, it’s easy to keep your natural stone countertops looking beautiful for years to come. Different types of granite have different requirements for sealing, so ask you’re natural stone installer about the specific maintenance requirements for your granite slab.

Myth Granite Is Impervious to Damage

Another prevalent myth about granite countertops is that they cannot be damaged. Granite is a resilient natural material, but it is still susceptible to certain types of damage. For instance, if a hard object hits the corner of a granite countertop, the granite may crack or chip. Acidic liquids, like vinegar or lemon juice, may etch or bleach a granite counter. In addition, while granite is heat-resistant, it may crack if exposed to extreme heat, such as a pot that has just been removed from your stovetop. Heat may also damage the sealant used to protect your granite countertop.

Myth Granite Is Expensive

Countertops made from granite are beautiful and long-lasting, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive. Consult with a local granite dealer to ask about the prices of different granite slabs and deals for installation. Working with a knowledgeable granite company will also ensure that you are able to get the right granite countertop to meet your design and maintenance preferences.