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If you love modern design, you may have already incorporated it into your kitchen, living room, and bedroom. However, one area of the home that you may have overlooked is the bathroom. Although small, bathrooms are a great option for incorporating a modern aesthetic into your home. One key element of modern design is the color palette. Before you choose a natural stone for your bathroom countertops in Highlands Ranch, read through the following tips for choosing a countertop color.

modern bathroom

Stick With Neutrals

One of the key elements of modern style is neutral colors. Whether you want to keep your entire design simple and monochromatic or compliment a neutral background with pops of color, choosing a natural stone countertop with neutral colors is a great way to incorporate modern design into your bathroom. Black, beige, and cream are ideal colors to consider when you are shopping for a natural stone countertop. The good news is that you will have a variety of neutral shades to choose from, whether you are considering granitesoapstone, or quartz for your bathroom counter. If you want something a little more special than a typical neutral color, look for a natural stone slab with a light pink or blue tinge—this will keep your bathroom’s style clean and modern while adding a unique touch to your design.

Keep It Simple

In addition to coming in a range of colors, natural stone slabs naturally feature a variety of patterns. In order to give your bathroom a modern design aesthetic, it is best to choose a stone slab with a fairly simple pattern, rather than one with a lot of color variation or veining. With a minimal pattern and neutral colors, your granite or quartz countertop will add beauty while blending seamlessly with your modern bathroom design.