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If you’re looking for natural stone options for a bathroom or kitchen remodel, consider soapstone countertops in Highlands Ranch. These stone countertops come with several advantages that can make them an ideal choice for your home.

Aged Appearance


For homeowners who are hoping to give their bathroom or kitchen a vintage or weathered feel, soapstone countertops are an excellent choice. Some soapstone slabs have a greenish hue or quartz veining, but the majority of these countertops are a rich, deep gray. As the soapstone oxidizes over time, the countertop’s tone will shift from a medium gray to a dark charcoal. These countertops can be designed to have a completely smooth or slightly rough finish, and are ideal for homes that have a natural, minimal, or rustic-themed design.

Heat Resistance

Although still a popular option, soapstone surfaces are frequently seen in historic homes. Soapstone’s durability is often its selling point, and it is common to see soapstone wood-burning stoves from the 1800s that are still functional today. Soapstone is unaffected by heat, meaning that it functions well in kitchens where it may come in contact with hot pans or pots, or in bathrooms where it may be subject to curling irons and other styling devices.

Damage Resistance

If something does scratch your countertop, imperfections can blend well with the stone’s natural patina and aged look, but can be sanded and restored if you would prefer. Because soapstone is chemically neutral, it will not be damaged by lemons or tomatoes.