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If you’re thinking about upgrading the cabinets in your bathroom, consider a few factors to make sure you make the right choice. Think about the size of the cabinet and how much storage space you and your family need, and find cabinetry that will look nice alongside your granite bathroom counters in Highlands Ranch. Some people get hung up on the cabinets themselves and forget to pay any mind to the hardware attached to them, so be sure to choose something both practical and cosmetically pleasing. Read ahead for more on what to consider when selecting new cabinets for your bathroom.

Here’s How to Choose Bathroom Cabinets

bathroom cabinet

Storage Needs

Whether in the kitchen or the bathroom, cabinets might make up a significant portion of your interior design. However, you also need to think about them practically. Between toilet paper, shampoo, toothpaste, and all the other essentials you can find in the bathroom, you might need quite a lot of storage space. This is amplified if you have a big family with only 1 or 2 bathrooms. Some people like to keep their items out in the open, while others like theirs hidden away. Some try to get as much as they can out of their cabinets without taking up too much space in the bathroom.

Room Design

Since your cabinets’ aesthetic value is important, think about what it is that you don’t like about your current cabinets. Are they dilapidated and broken down, or are you replacing them because you’ve grown tired of the way they look? Look at the other elements in your bathroom that contribute to the cosmetic appeal, like your countertops. If you plan on keeping the same countertops throughout your remodel, make sure the new cabinets that you choose complement them.