Limestone Countertops

A limestone countertop is a delightful, unexpected change from the typical granite often found in today’s homes. Limestone works well, takes a great finish, and is available in a range of limestone countertop colors. Sometimes limestone captures delicate fossils, and these can add intrigue and beauty to finished countertops.

Limestone can give you a rock countertop that brightens and lightens your bathroom, kitchen, wet bar or other space. Limestone is plentiful, and is famously seen in major world monuments like the Lincoln Memorial, Great Pyramid, and the Greek Parthenon. It weathers well outdoors (the pyramids still exist!), so durability as a kitchen countertop is easy for this beautiful stone.

Looks in Limestone

Limestone captures the organic sea life of millions of years ago, so you can find shells, fossils, and other eye-catching surprises in your limestone countertop. The countertop options available with this wide-ranging material are enormous:

  • Carboniferous limestone
  • St. Genevieve marble (not a “marble” at all, but limestone!)
  • Oolite
  • Travertine (also not a marble)
  • Coquina
  • Bituminous limestone

In fact, in color, features, and value, you can find such a wide range of limestones you may scratch granite off your search list and spend hours enjoying looking only at limestone.

Speaking of color, no matter your decor or wall color, you will find a limestone to either complement or contrast with it. Go big and bold; go light and airy. Limestone is there, with an elegance, beauty and distinction that sets it apart from granite.

Benefits and Cautions

Limestone is tough, but not quite as tough as granite, so it can scratch. It can be discolored through strong staining liquids, like red wine.

If you partner with a reliable, local countertop company like Rock Solid Custom Granite, you can go into selecting limestone with open eyes. For limestone kitchen countertops, just remember to respect the stone and mind the liquids.

In the bathroom, the buttery warmth of a limestone countertop is wonderful, so long as greasy materials like makeup and lotions stay contained.

This stone also makes a rock countertop that looks almost velvet soft. Its warmth and earthy appeal makes limestone the stone of choice for discerning buyers.

Browse. Do your research. When you want to discuss the exciting possibilities of limestone countertops for your Littleton and Durango home, please contact us at Rock Solid Custom Granite. Whether you need a sample, want some advice, or are ready to arrange installation, we are here to help.

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