Travertine Countertops In Littleton & Durango

Our friends and neighbors in Littleton and Durango are rediscovering the beauty and grandeur of travertine as a great option for stone countertops. Travertine is a limestone that makes for beautiful travertine countertops in your kitchen, wet bar, bathroom or anywhere a sturdy, affordable stone is needed or desired.

What is Travertine?

Limestone is a class of sedimentary rock that, by tradition, has many named types, including travertine. You may have heard of travertine marble, but that is a misnomer; all travertine is limestone. Travertine countertops are easily worked, offer beautiful sheen when polished, and wear well with reasonable care.

Almost all travertine emerges from the earth with small cavities, or minimal gaps. These are routinely filled with resin and travertine dust to blend imperceptibly with the surrounding stone.

Benefits of Travertine

Chief among travertine’s many benefits is its reasonable cost in comparison with other stones. Because it is a bit more porous than other rocks, your countertop options with travertine must include special care and attention to spills, especially from acids like orange juice or cranberry juice.

This is not necessarily a flaw of the stone; conscientious cleaning in the kitchen keeps your countertops sparkling, your family healthier, and your food fresher.

The color palette with travertine is extensive, though, so you can find a shade to match any design or style:

  • Warm walnut brown
  • Pale cream
  • Coral red
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Beige
  • Ivory


Your Littleton or Durango-area home can come alive with all the places travertine countertops could be installed:

  • A fresh new bathroom countertop
  • Around the fireplace
  • Patio outdoor kitchen countertops
  • Laundry room work surfaces
  • Wet bar in the recreation room
  • Kitchen, island, and prep station countertops
  • Around your hot tub, indoors or out

The stone works with a bit more ease and give than harder rocks, and can be applied vertically or horizontally, so backsplashes and countertop edges are never a problem. Even if you do opt for tile countertops, travertine can be cut and shaped more easily than porcelain or ceramic tile, making installation a breeze.

Timeless Harmony

Travertine lends a sophisticated, yet earthy elegance to any room. It can work across many color schemes, take several finishes from highly polished to honed, and provide decades of sturdy service with minimal cleaning. The stone’s earthy majesty harmonizes with just about any decor, from traditional to modern looks.

To learn more about travertine and its great uses in Littleton and Durango homes, please contact us at Rock Solid Custom Granite. We can show you samples, measure and give estimates, and help you select the travertine that best suits your home.

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