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If you are getting ready for a kitchen remodel or a bathroom makeover, you will have a range of countertop options to choose from. In addition to considering appearance, cost, and maintenance when making your selection, you should also evaluate the durability and cleanliness of a particular countertop material. Non-porous countertops, such as quartz countertops in Littleton, are ideal for a number of reasons.

Benefits of Non-Porous Countertops

Porous countertops can absorb liquids, which makes them susceptible to stains and can encourage dangerous bacterial growth. Non-porous countertops are impervious to liquids. This property makes quartz countertops highly stain-resistant, and your quartz counters will be easy to keep clean and sanitized. This makes quartz countertops ideal for both kitchen counters and bathroom vanities. In addition, because quartz is a solid manufactured product, it tends to be stronger than other countertop options. This makes it a great choice for households with young children that could damage less durable countertop materials.