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Black granite is a beautiful choice that can look good whether it is placed in a kitchen or bathroom. However, black granite in Littleton, Highlands Ranch, and Parker should be paired with the correct color scheme, especially when located in a smaller location like the bathroom. If you have been wondering whether black granite is the right granite countertop color for you, then continue reading for a brief look at how black granite can make or break your bathroom design.

Darker granite colors should be paired with lighter cabinets, drawers, and surrounding décor. Since bathrooms tend to be one of the smallest areas in the house, it is imperative that you decorate them in light colors to visually open and widen the space. You can still choose black granite for your countertops but look for light brown or light gray cabinets and drawers. Use a neutral color or light primary color for your walls and décor. These lighter colors can help brighten up your space and allow you the use of black granite countertops.

black granite bathroom