Limestone Countertops: Pros and Cons

Oct 11th, 2022 | Blog, Countertops

A very chic and luxurious natural stone, limestone comes in a variety of alluring colors and textures. Is it right for your home? Read on to learn the most important limestone countertop pros and cons.

Limestone Countertop Pros

Limestone countertops offer a number of compelling benefits that make them attractive to homeowners. Some examples include:

It’s Beautiful

Limestone is a gorgeous natural stone. With its very unique color and its delicate design patterns all over the surface, the material can be breathtaking. It also comes in a vast array of patterns and colors. What’s more, you can use limestone countertops to create a more earthy, rustic atmosphere in your kitchen.

Available in neutral colors such as white, off-white, beige and ivory, limestone can give a kitchen a more natural look while seamlessly matching surrounding décor. But if you prefer a bolder look, you can also choose other color variations, such as gray, brown, yellow and red. Whatever the color, limestone adds a luxurious feel and unmistakable warmth to any space.

It’s Unique

Like other natural stones, limestone features unique fossilization patterns that vary from slab to slab. No two pieces are the same in terms of color, size, veining and texture. This gives them a one-of-a-kind feel that adds beauty and intrigue to your kitchen’s overall design. When you choose a limestone countertop, you can be sure that no one on earth will have a kitchen exactly like yours.

It’s Timeless

Limestone is a timeless classic, allowing it to seamlessly mix with different design styles and stay in style for decades to come. It also has an impressive lifespan when properly cared for. In fact, limestone is so durable, many limestone-based landmarks are still standing after centuries, including the Parthenon, Great Pyramid of Giza and the Lincoln Memorial.

It’s Heat-Resistant

Limestone offers impressive heat resistance, meaning you could place a hot pot down on the countertop without causing damage. That said, it isn’t impervious to heat damage, so it’s generally best to take precautions when possible.

It’s Cost-Friendly

Limestone is more affordable than granite or marble. If you’re on a strict budget, the material is a fine choice that won’t necessarily break the bank.

limestone countertop slabs

Limestone Countertop Cons

As with any countertop material, limestone isn’t perfect. Among the potential drawbacks include:

Lack of Shine

While limestone can be polished to a very smooth granular surface, it won’t ever be as shiny as marble or granite. That said, many people prefer the milder sheen, which gives a bit of a matte look to a kitchen’s design scheme.

It Scratches

As durable as it is, limestone scratches relatively easily. It is not wise to use metal tools or sharp knives over limestone countertops. Cutting boards are the best friend of people with limestone countertops. If you use proper care, you can avoid damaging your limestone countertop, but it is important to be vigilant to prevent accidental damage.

It Reacts to Acid

Limestone is composed of calcium carbonate, which reacts violently with acids. This can become very problematic if you use cleaners and other products that contain acid. Always use mild soapy cleansers to clean limestone countertops. Avoid acidic solutions which can actually dissolve the material.

It Stains

Because it is extremely porous, limestone can stain very easily. It’s important to clean the spills immediately before they have a chance to permeate the stone. Because it’s porous, you will need to have your limestone countertops professionally sealed annually. This will help prevent stains and discoloration.

The Bottom Line

Limestone is a stunning countertop material that brings considerable beauty to a home. That said, this beauty comes with a price since you need to perform regular maintenance and be extra careful to prevent scratches and stains. This is relatively easy as long as you use cutting boards and regularly re-seal the surface.

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