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Onyx countertops can have an incredible effect on a home’s design scheme, giving it a dramatic wow factor that sets it apart from the pack. At the same time, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this striking natural material to better determine whether it is a good fit for your lifestyle. Read on to learn the pros and cons of onyx bar countertops.

What Is Onyx?

A type of calcareous stone, onyx is formed when limestone dissolves and then redeposits over time as a new kind of stone. In caves, drip water forms onyx as stalagmites and stalactites. When it’s professionally cut and polished, onyx provides a gorgeous surface for bar countertops as long as you understand its benefits and limitations.

The Pros

An especially beautiful bar countertop material, onyx provides a number of advantages, including:

onyx countertops slabs

They are gorgeous. One of the biggest advantages of onyx countertops is the stone’s incredible natural beauty. Every slab contains varying colors, giving it a stunning shimmer. If you have any under-counter lighting, onyx can be an especially mesmerizing choice for countertops. The stone shines and shimmers near light, illuminating a room in a uniquely beautiful way.

It has a modern appeal. Onyx has a slightly exotic aesthetic, making it well-suited for contemporary homes. Since each slab is unique, it gives a room a distinctive feel. Because it adds a dramatic accent, the stone works beautifully in homes that have monochrome color schemes.

It can really last with proper care. Just like marble and granite, onyx lasts up to a century when it is properly maintained. While it is a delicate stone, with proper care you shouldn’t have to replace your onyx countertop the entire time you own your home.

They are easy to clean. Onyx countertops can usually be cleaned quite easily using warm, soapy water. After wiping them down, it is important to follow up with a cool, damp cloth to eliminate soapy residue. You should also thoroughly dry any moisture from onyx right away to preserve its pristine appearance.

The Cons

While it is exceptionally beautiful, onyx has some drawbacks, including:

It’s fragile. Onyx is a brittle, soft stone that should always be carefully assessed for its intended use. Onyx slabs will almost always have a mesh fiberglass material placed along the back to hold the stone together. This is a big indicator of just how fragile onyx is.

It is porous. Because the stone can quickly stain, it’s important to have your onyx countertops properly sealed. Even so, you will need to quickly wipe up spills to keep them from penetrating the stone and causing a stain. You will also need to avoid spilling acidic foods and liquids, such as vinegar or lemon juice since these can etch the onyx surface.

It comes at a premium. Because it is so rare, onyx is a perfect choice for homeowners who want to stand out from the crowd. That said, this rarity makes the stone more expensive compared to other stone countertop options. Still, in the eyes of many homeowners, the extra expense is worth it, especially since onyx countertops can elevate the value of a home.

It may require maintenance. If you plan to use your onyx countertop routinely, you may need to have it refinished periodically to keep it looking good as new. This may not be necessary, however, if you use your bar countertop less frequently and regularly clean and polish it.

Whether you have installed an onyx bar in your kitchen or recreation room, you need to properly care for it. Easily scratched and marked, onyx is a fragile stone requiring extra consideration. You will need to immediately wipe away any moisture from the countertop. It’s also extremely important to have your onyx countertop professionally sealed to ensure longevity.

It’s a good idea to use a specialized stone cleaner on a regular basis. Never use an ordinary commercial cleanser on onyx since these can diminish the stone’s natural shine.

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